The Devil May Be in the Details

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When the sale of a business falls apart, everyone involved in the transaction is disappointed – usually. Sometimes the reasons are insurmountable, and other times they are minuscule – even personal. Some intermediaries report a closure rate of 80 percent; others say it is even lower. Still other intermediaries claim to close 80 percent or higher. … [Read more...]

Family Businesses

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A recent study revealed that only about 28 percent of family businesses have developed a succession plan. Here are a few tips for family-owned businesses to ponder when considering selling the business: You may have to consider a lower price if maintaining jobs for family members is important. Make sure that your legal and accounting … [Read more...]

What a Buyer May Really Be Looking At

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Buyers, as part of their due diligence, usually employ accountants to check the numbers and attorneys to both look at legal issues and draft or review documents. Buyers may also bring in other professionals to look at the business’ operations. The prudent buyer is also looking behind the scenes to make sure there are not any “skeletons in the … [Read more...]

Two Similar Companies ~ Big Difference in Value

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Consider two different companies in virtually the same industry. Both companies have an EBITDA of $6 million – but, they have very different valuations. One is valued at five times EBITDA, pricing it at $30 million. The other is valued at seven times EBITDA, making it $42 million. What's the difference? One can look at the usual checklist for the … [Read more...]

What Are Buyers Looking for in a Company?

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It has often been said that valuing companies is an art, not a science. When a buyer considers the purchase of a company, three main things are almost always considered when arriving at an offering price. Quality of the Earnings Some accountants and intermediaries are very aggressive when adding back, for example, what might be considered one-time … [Read more...]

A Reasonable Price for Private Companies

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Putting a price on privately-held companies is more complicated than placing a value or price on a publicly-held one. For one thing, many privately-held businesses do not have audited financial statements; these statements are very expensive and not required. Public companies also have to reveal a lot more about their financial issues and other … [Read more...]

What to Expect From a Business Broker

Business Broker

If you’re selling a business, you will have probably considered hiring a business broker to see you through the process. But what role do they actually take on and what are their typical responsibilities? We break down the role of the business broker to clarify how they assist owners with the sale of their company. Reaching Out to Buyers and … [Read more...]