Individual Member Qualifications

Section 3:A: Individual Broker Member. An individual Member is defined as a business broker who specializes in business brokerage, has at least one year experience in business brokerage, has high ethical standards, agrees to post all of his/her sole and exclusive or exclusive agency listings (except where prohibited by the Seller) to AZBBA Website, and agrees to be an active participant in the affairs of the AZBBA.

In addition to the foregoing, a prospective new member must demonstrate a minimum level of achievement before being admitted as a member. In particular, the applicant must have either existing listings to bring into the AZBBA immediately on being admitted or the applicant must be able to prove that he/she has had sales within the twelve months immediately preceding the application, or a combination of both. The minimum level of listings and sales for this purpose may be any combination of six transactions, ie; 6 listings 0 sales, 6 sales 0 listings, 4 listings 2 sales, etc.

A former member of AZBBA who wishes to re-join may, at the discretion of the members, be exempted from the listing and/or sales requirements.


Section 3:D: Membership Committee. The membership shall receive all applications for membership and check them to see if they meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Is sponsored by a Member in good standing of the
  2. Active specialization for at least one year in business brokerage as verified by applicant’s
  3. Have a valid Arizona Real Estate License, a copy of which shall accompany the
  4. Have a history of ethical
  5. Agree to post his/her exclusive listings to the AZBBA Website, unless a Seller has specifically required that his/her listing not be made available to AZBBA
  6. Attach payment for initiation fee and initial dues to his/her

Submit all completed and verified applications to the next regular AZBBA meeting to be discussed by Members present. The applicant will then be voted upon by members present at the next regular AZBBA meeting.

The applicant will be notified of his/her acceptance or denial. In the event of a denial, the prepaid dues and initiation fees will be returned to applicant.

Members’ Dues and Fees

Section 3:E: Members’ Dues and Fees. All Members shall pay dues and fees as follows:

Individual Members: All individual Members shall:

  1. Pay an initial membership fee.
  2. Pay annual dues which are due on the first day of January each year. Each Member shall have the option of paying annual dues in quarterly installments. Annual dues are past due if not paid by the last day of the first month of each quarter and the membership lapsed on the last day of each quarter if still unpaid. When a membership lapses, all listings of the Member shall be removed from the AZBBA Website. Such Member shall also be barred from attending any further meetings or participating in any AZBBA functions. The Board may establish payment plans for any hardship cases of Member in good



For Individuals not associated with a Corporate Member. Annual Dues are $300. Regular members must have a current Department of Real Estate License (as either a salesperson or broker).   $100 application fee will be eliminated.


Corporate Membership applies to a team or single corporation or ownership entity whose purpose is business brokerage. Annual Dues are $395 and includes one membership for the primary agent. Each additional agent of the company receives a discounted membership fee of $100.


Corporate Individual membership is for Licensed Salespersons or Brokers who are associated with a current and active Corporate member. Annual Dues are $100. You will need a discount code to receive the discounted rate.


For Individuals not associated with a Corporate Affiliate Member. Annual Dues are $350.


For a single corporation or ownership entity that provides products and services to the Business Brokerage community. Annual dues are $850 and provide membership to up to 3 company associated. Additional $150 each person.


We Recognize that business brokerage is a profession and a full-time career.

We Will strive to keep informed of all pertinent laws, rules regulations, business trends and other information essential to serving the needs of our clients.

We Will keep our clients advised at all times of those matters which they have entrusted to us.

We Will constantly remind ourselves that our client’s needs and wishes are our business.

We Will deal with our fellow business brokers in an honest, fair, and straight forward manner benefitting our profession.