David Miller - Arizona Business Brokers Association

David Miller

Whether you are ready to buy a business or to sell your business, Small Business America is the place for you. David A. Miller, associated with The Lafayette Group LLC, can guide you through the business purchase or sale process.

Mr. Miller specializes in serving the buyers and sellers of small businesses in the Metro Phoenix market. His comprehensive service provides buyer financing sources, valuations and exit planning.

David A. Miller received his BBS (Business Broker Specialist) designation from the Arizona Business Brokers Association. He has been assisting buyers and sellers in small businesses since 1992 in Metro Phoenix, one of the fastest growing markets in the USA.

Prior to becoming a business broker Mr. Miller had a successful career of managing businesses. Including large retail, wholesale and independent. Mr. Miller started his first business in 1968. Mr. Miller has been in the metro Phoenix market since 1985 and enjoys many business relationships.

The global reach of The Lafayette Group LLC network is balanced with intensive local knowledge and involvement in the business communities in which we operate.