Janice Staropoli, CBB - Arizona Business Brokers Association

Janice Staropoli, CBB

Janice Staropoli has been a Business Owner, Buyer, and Seller, thus she is well versed in the concerns of importance to all parties in a transaction. Most importantly she is passionate about her profession and this has put her in the top 5 in AZBBA Sales for the past 25 years.

Janice has the knowledge and experience to help Business Owners find the right fit when seeking someone to transition ownership of their business for a successful sale that achieved their goals.

Janice is equally versed in assisting buyers target the right business that helps achieve their dreams and the follow thru to see that the transition works as planned. Further she has the experience in getting that dream financed and the deal closed on time while eliminating many of the stumbling blocks buyers often face.

Services Offered

Utilizing my 35 years of professionally helping sellers successfully sell their business so that is carries on the sellers legacy

My knowledge of the industry and the local market help buyers find the business that will put them on the road to being a successful entrepreneur with a large dose of reality coupled with the experience to overcome roadblocks and get the deal done.

She is a Certified Business Brokers CBB, as well as a certified instructor of Business Brokerage classes such as Business Evaluations and Pricing, Financial aspects of Business Transfers, Financing Options for Businesses


On the local level, Janice is a multi-term past Chairman of the Arizona Business Brokers Association.

Prior to leaving New York in 1986, she was VP of a NY Life Insurance Co. and served on the Board of Directors of the Life Insurance Council of NY. Janice has extensive experience in marketing, customer relations and deal negotiations. She has long been a resource for business owners as well as other agents seeking advice on difficult or unique transactions in the industry.