Matt Uhler

In 2008, while working with the principals of WCI Brokers, Matt formed the Northern Arizona division of WCI Brokers. Matt is the designated broker and principal of Comprehensive Business Services LLC which operates the Northern Arizona division of WCI Brokers. This division employs four WCI agents and brings the full potential of 400+ WCI listings to the Northern Arizona area. Prior to becoming a principal of WCI Brokers, Matt was WCI Broker’s “Top Salesperson” for seven out of nine years and received numerous other awards and recognition. Matt also won the Arizona Business Brokers Association Broker of the Year award for 2015 and 2017. During Matt’s career as a business broker, he has completed over 650 business transactions. Over the years, he assisted WCI with the training of new and established agents as well as being engaged to present to groups across the United States on Small Business Valuation and Acquisitions. Matt personally was self-employed since he was 17 years old. He has worked as a financial consultant for small businesses, owned and sold his own service business that employed over 40 employees and has owned and sold several investment properties.