A Reasonable Price For Private Companies

Putting a price on privately-held companies is more complicated than placing a value or price on a publicly-held one. For one thing, many privately-held businesses do not have audited financial statements; these statements are very expensive and not required. Public companies also have to reveal a lot more about their financial issues and other … [Read more...]

What to Expect From a Business Broker

If you’re selling a business, you will have probably considered hiring a business broker to see you through the process. But what role do they actually take on and what are their typical responsibilities? We break down the role of the business broker to clarify how they assist owners with the sale of their company. Reaching Out to Buyers and … [Read more...]

Do You Have an Exit Plan?

"Exit strategies may allow you to get out before the bottom falls out of your industry. Well-planned exits allow you to get a better price for your business." From: Selling Your Business by Russ Robb, published by Adams Media Corporation Whether you plan to sell out in one year, five years, or never, you need an exit strategy. As the term … [Read more...]