Membership Benefits

There are so many reasons to join, and the benefits that AZBBA has to offer are outstanding and unlimited. We are the only organization in the State of Arizona to offer such a complete and comprehensive package. The following should give you an understanding of how AZBBA can benefit you in the profession of Business Brokerage.

  • Members adhere to a specific set of Ethics and Professional Standards which strives to produce a high level of confidence to the general public by encouraging adherence to a strict code of ethics.
  • In addition to co-brokering business listings, the AZBBA has established educational goals. Periodically seminars are organized that are specific to business transactions and those seminars are accredited for renewal hours with the Arizona Department of Real Estate free of charge.
  • A prospective buyer, on approaching an AZBBA member, has at his or her disposal the majority of business listings available in the Valley, thus saving the chore of visiting dozens of agents.
  • In turn, a business owner, wishing to market his enterprise through an AZBBA member, may be confident in the knowledge that it will be exposed to the buyers of many agents, not just the agents of the listing office.
  • We also have our annual conference at a discount for members which includes renewal hours as well as hours toward the CBB designation (Certified Business Broker). This designation can only be obtained through the AZBBA School of Real Estate and Business Brokerage.
  • As a professional organization the AZBBA provides a forum in which we may call upon one another for advice and support when needed, eliminating the fear that confidence will be compromised.
  • We present key speakers on industry-relevant topics at our bi-monthly meetings, as well as our annual educational conferences.
  • Listings are posted to our website, without a monthly fee, along with our bio’s and links to our own websites if desired so you have more exposure to buyers, sellers, and other professionals.
  • We have very professional and loyal affiliate members who help us “get deals done” and have a great referral system such as lawyers, accountants, legal documents preparers, lending institutions, business appraisers, etc. Many of our affiliate members also sponsor our annual conference and are approved ADRE instructors.
  • We have a great networking system, an annual conference, affiliate members, guest speaks, social events, and educational classes.
  • All members receive a directory with info on all members as well as affiliates. This is also available on our website.
  • Use of the AZBBA logo on letterheads, business cards, websites, and all marketing materials.
  • We provide our members with the latest information pertaining to our profession.
  • Members have access to approved standard forms designed jointly by attorneys and business brokers exclusively for the business brokerage profession.
  • As a group, our voice is more likely to be heard by the Office of the Arizona Secretary of State, Real Estate Dept., and State Securities Dept. on matters of law and registration rules affecting all business brokerage professionals.