photo_azcentral02Arizona Business Brokers Association (AZBBA)

AZBBA is a non-profit organization consisting of professional Business Brokers and a group of Affiliate members which was established in the mid-1970s by a small group of local Business Brokers. At that time it was named “Valley Business Exchange” (VBE).

Our Business Broker members today represent 25+ Business Brokerage Firms and approximately 50 Business Brokers throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This is a tremendous benefit to our Sellers. We are able to give them the marketing exposure with the other Business Broker members and still maintain our high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Our Affiliate members offer a large variety of services in order to assist the Buyers and Sellers in the process of buying/selling their business, such as legal advice, accounting advice, document preparation, business financing, business insurance, setting up merchant accounts and many other services that will make this process go as smoothly as possible.

AZBBA members strive for a high level of professionalism and Ethics, Confidentiality to our clients, networking and continuing education. We believe that our clients should expect nothing less.

AZBBA is a professional association dedicated to continuing education in the field of business transactions and providing reputable services to business sellers and buyers.

AZBBA is an affiliate of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), a worldwide association of business brokers. New members of AZBBA must be approved by the current membership and are required to maintain the highest standard of practice and adhere to AZBBA’s Code of Ethics.

AZBBA members are able to work together with confidence and the assurance that all members are following the same “Code of Ethics” and “AZBBA By-Laws”. In addition to this, they receive many other benefits, such as:

  1. Regular meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday every month (except holidays)

  2. Education is provided by our “Education Chairperson” at each meeting.

  3. An annual Convention is conducted by professional Business Brokers not only from Arizona but also from across the US. This is an opportunity for all AZBBA members and non-members to take advantage of excellent education in the Business Brokerage industry at a nominal fee.

  4. License Renewal hours are given 3 times per year in our regular meetings.

  5. A business listing service that provides members and potential buyers access to several hundred business opportunities that are currently on the market.

  6. Affiliate members that will work very hard with you to ensure a smooth transaction.

  7. A Professional website with information on each of our Business Broker and Affiliate members.


Shaun Rudgear
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Message from the President

Welcome to AZBBA! We are the Arizona Business Brokers Association. Our non-profit organization’s purpose is: promoting confidentiality, providing quality training, ethics and cooperation among professional Business Brokers throughout the State of Arizona. The practice of Business Brokerage is a specialty that, by its very nature demands that a professional Business Broker possess an expertise for business operations and a respect for confidentiality well beyond that of those trained in general real estate. Our Organization’s foundation began in 1983 with the primary purpose of group interaction with the end goal of better serving the Member’s respective clients. While that remains in our core, we have evolved since then and established the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business Brokerage. Our School’s main purpose is to provide the opportunity for further education that focuses on Business Brokerage while meeting the Arizona Department of Education’s requirements for the business broker’s license renewal. Our Organization awards the Certified Business Broker (CBB) designation to regular members of the AZBBA who have met the education and experience requirements set forth by the AZBBA. The general public can identify and rely upon this designation as evidence that our members are trained professionals expert in the field of business brokerage. A major focus of AZBBA is to provide professional training and development programs to increase the knowledge, ability and resources available to our members. These skills and capabilities will provide their clients with expert assistance in buying or selling a business.

Shaun Rudgear, President AZBBA