AZBBA School of Real Estate & Business Brokerage

photo_biz23One of the important functions of the Arizona Business Brokerage Association is the promotion of education for its members as well as other Business Brokers practicing in the state. Having few options the State Association decided to create its own school. Their main goal was to develop courses that not only would meet the Brokers educational need but would also qualify for Arizona Department of Real Estate Continuing Education Credit. Having this as its objective, the Association created the AZBBA School of Real Estate and Business Brokerage. The school was recognized by the Arizona Department of Real Estate in December. 2006. The School is managed by the AZBBA Board of Delegates and its School Administrator. Every year, the AZBBA Education Committee develops four to five courses for its Educational Conference.

Certified Business Broker (CBB) Designation

The goal of the AZBBA School of Real Estate and Business Brokerage is to educate our association members in all aspects of the business brokerage profession to increase their skills, proficiency, and knowledge.

The Certified Business Broker (CBB) designation is awarded exclusively to Regular Members of the AZBBA who have met the education and experience requirements set forth by the AZBBA. The general public can identify and rely upon this designation as evidence that our members are trained professionals expert in the field of business brokerage.

Hence, the CBB designation process:

  • Acknowledges a member’s experience and expertise in the field of business brokerage and promulgates the high standards of the AZBBA education and accreditation program.
  • Provides members with a means to maintain currency in their professional acumen.
  • Gives members tools to actively and aggressively pursue opportunities to educate customers and clients, the general public, and industry affiliates.
  • Builds understanding among accredited members about the external forces that affect and challenge them and what they can do to react proactively to changes in the industry.
  • Advances the development of business brokerage theory and practice in a way that is meaningful, reliable, and consistent with those who work with accredited AZBBA members cooperatively.


  1. Must be a Regular AZBBA member in good standing.

  2. Must complete 36 credit hours of qualified education.

  3. Attendance of 1 AZBBA annual conference.

Qualified Education:

  1. Any AZBBA School of Real Estate slot gacor and Business Brokerage course with a passing grade on course examination.

  2. Any IBBA, ASA or IBA courses completed in the past 24 months.

Alternate Accepted Qualifications:

The CBB will be awarded to any Regular AZBBA member who currently holds a CBI or M&AMI designation from the IBBA and has attended one AZBBA conference.

Renewal Requirements:

12 credit hours of qualified education and attendance of one AZBBA conference every two years.