Statement of Purpose

To be an Association of Business Brokers made up of brokers located across the state of Arizona.

To unite those engaged in the sale of business opportunities for the purpose of developing the highest standards of professionalism among its members.

To elevate, maintain and improve communication between Business Brokers in Arizona.

To better serve business buyers and sellers by creating a forum for the exchange of ideas and market information between Brokers.

To encourage all members to adhere to the principals of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) Code of Ethics and to uphold the highest standards of business practice within our industry.

To adhere to the IBBA Business Brokerage Standards of Practice thereby promoting professionalism in the industry and harmony and mutual cooperation among its members and cooperating organizations

To serve as a forum for those who, by virtue of their unique experience and/or knowledge, enhance the ethical and professional standards of the business brokerage profession or who provide a special benefit to the business brokerage market.

To provide a means to enhance the business brokerage profession by encouraging the sharing of information among members of AZBBA.

To maintain and improve the education standards of the business brokerage profession and the members of the Association thereby giving its members better methods and techniques by which to practice their profession.

To serve the public by creating a broader and more active market for business sales.

To educate the public regarding the use of professional business brokers to buy and sell their businesses.